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Safety and Security on CTeen Israel trips


CTeen Summer Israel Travel program is a partner of RootOne and Israel's Ministry of Diaspora Affairs. In the last 2 years more than10,000 teens who received RootOne Israel Travel Voucher have come to Israel to spend 3 weeks in the safest environment


C-Teen Israel trips operate under strict safety and security standards set in accordance

with the Israel' Defense Force's Homefront Command guidelines.

These guidelines include:

  • geographical travel boundaries

  • limiting groups from traveling within a 40km range of the Gaza Strip

  • or a 20km range of the Lebanese border

  • exact protocols of how to operate during the sound of a siren

  • personal safety guidelines and more. 


Each CTeen Israel tour group is accompanied by a well-trained

armed security guard (who is also a trained first responder).


Every day, CTeen Israel touring itineraries are coordinated with and approved by

an especially created "Situation Monitoring Taskforce" - a collaboration of Israel's security

agencies, the IDF, Israel Police and local law enforcement authorities. 

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