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Grant a gift of summer day camp to a Jewish child in Northern California

Partner with us to ensure that every Jewish child in Northern California can attend the Jewish day camp at least once in his or her lifetime.


According to the latest (2018) Bay Area’s Jewish Community Study, there were approximately 40,600 Jewish households in the Bay Area that had school-age children in them. 


61% of these households do not belong to a synagogue. 75% of Jewish children and teens attend public schools many of which are currently experiencing an enormous increase in antisemitism


29% of these households have yearly income between $40 and $99K and they said in the survey that “they are just managing” or “cannot make ends meet”.


9,865 low-income Jewish children in the Bay Area DO NOT receive any kind of Jewish education.


Last year, the “Birthright Judaism” initiative provided 186 Jewish children in the Bay Area with an opportunity to attend Jewish day camp for the first time in their lives. 55% of camper families who received this gift would not ask for financial aid even though they needed it.


More than 75% of these families would not consider Jewish day camp without our incentive.

In 2023, "Birthright Judaism" has introduced to the Bay Area a new ground breaking initiative - "Israel & Me / What every Jewish teen needs to know about Israel". It's unique college-level educational course provides truthful and accurate information about Israel's history and it's rightful place as a homeland of Jewish people. This course is available in the Bay Area at 90% discounted cost.

Please, support the “Birthright Judaism” Day Camp initiative and Israel & Jewish Education of Teens in Northern California.


You can provide (in a dignified manner) a gift of Jewish connection, affiliation and community to a child or a teen with compelling financial need or a child for whom the summer Jewish day camp would be his or her only exposure to Jewish life.

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