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Safety and Security on Birthright Israel trips


Birthright Israel takes great pride in its reputation for being cautious and responsible with a well-deserved reputation from hosting over 850,000 travelers over the past 24 years.

Birthright Israel trips operate under strict safety and security standards set in accordance with the IDF's Homefront Command guidelines.

These guidelines include:

  • geographical travel boundaries

  • limiting groups from traveling within a 40km range of the Gaza Strip or a 20km range of the Lebanese border

  • exact protocols of how to operate during the sound of a siren

  • personal safety guidelines

  • and more. 


Each Birthright Israel tour group is accompanied by an armed well-trained trained security guard (who is also a trained first responder).


Every day, Birthright Israel touring itineraries are coordinated with and approved by the specially created "Situation Monitoring Taskforce" - a collaboration of Israel's security agencies, the IDF, Israel Police and local law enforcement authorities. 

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